Living in Huanchaco

One of the many sunsets!

Hello! It´s almost sunset here in Huanchaco and I´m definitely not going to miss it.

Today´s post will be a mixture of updates of my project, travels and, moments I´d like to share with you. It’s been of a whirl wind these past few weeks but it´s definitely been great and eye-opening.

Side note, I think I am finally getting used to the Peruvian bus system and my journey to Huanchaco is definitely my most interesting one yet. I left Huaraz for Trujillo with Transportes Linea around 9:30pm but unlike my previous trips, I didn’t have an English speaking travel buddy. The bus ride was okay but I would say the entertainment on the bus is one I am probably not going to forget. Why? Well since I can’t sleep on buses, I was forced to watch Pitch Perfect 1&2 in SPANISH… It was painful- the acting I mean.

At the monastery overlooking the town

Anyway, Huanchaco is a small fishing/surf town part of the La Libertad region in the Trujillo province. The village has a pleasant and seemingly endless beach with water temperatures varying between 13 and 21 degrees. I´ve been living at Frogs Chillhouse a small hostel just by the beach that has become my home instead of a temporary residence. I live in close proximity to pretty much everything, especially the market which is equipped daily with fresh fruits and vegetables. The awesome staffs at Frogs provide free bikes so I’ve definitely become used to my morning rides to the market to get fruits and bread for breakfast. Since the town is very small, I´ve also explored a lot and I´m settling in quicker than I imagined. Within two days after I arrived, I became familiar with the grid and also figured out the best spots to relax and journal as well as places for quick bites and freshly made helados. Speaking of food, Huanchaco is the best place to try sea food since the fish is always fresh the local fisherman- I definitely loved trying Cebiche, the local favorite for the first time. Additionally, I have been cooking for myself and it’s been great combining African style recipes with Peruvian ingredients.

Food with friends at the market after swim lessons

I don’t plan on doing much tourist activities here but the locals have informed me that About 15 minutes from the town are two really cool attractions, the Chan Ruins and Huaca de La Luna y el Sol. These ruins belonged to Chimu and Moche civilizations that inhabited the area long before the Spanish arrived. I might check them out but as of right now, I am pretty much happy with getting to know the inner workings of the community and some of the travelers I am getting acquainted with. On an interesting side note, most of my new friends were baffled by my inability to swim (I don’t blame them) and they took it upon themselves to teach me how to swim. So yesterday, along with 5 other people from the hostel, I had my first swimming lesson and it was honestly exciting and full of adrenaline. I just have to keep on practicing and work on my floating skills but I did pretty well for an amateur.

Caballitos de totora used for fishing

In terms of project related news, I found out about a local NGO (Otra Cosa) that contributed to local development by connecting volunteers with local community projects. Due to their requirements, I wasn’t able to work along with them. They required a 2 month dedication as well as an advanced level of Spanish which put me in a tough position. Nevertheless, I managed to learn a lot about some of their Health related projects and the locals who are key players in the organization. With the aid of volunteers and the Huanchaquito Health Office, the NGO aims to reach out to a larger population and keep more contact with community through health outreach work and public health campaigns. I used the information I learned about the organization to conduct my own community health situation analysis and it was quite exciting and productive way to spend my time in Huanchaco.

I have decided to stay in Huanchaco for a while because I definitely like the low key vide and the chill ambiance of the fishing village. I am also genuinely enjoying my time here which definitely makes it my favorite place in Peru so far. In a way I am also afraid that if I get too comfortable here, I might not want to leave but I know I will be able to realize when it’s time to move on. But until then, I’m going to make the most of my time here.

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