Finishing Touches!

Yeah I know this photo (Cronut) has nothing to do with my post but come on it looks awesome!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reliving and revisiting a lot of old memories, mainly the ones from 7years ago when I Left Ghana. The memories are still fresh as ever and thought of leaving friends and home is still very sad and bittersweet. I’ve tried to recall what I did in Ghana to prepare before I left on July 2nd but so far I can only picture my mum running around and getting things together. Although my memories are sparse, I know that figuring out logistics tend to cloud the growing sentiments and frustrations of leaving home. With that being said, I’ve made it a priority to enjoy the comfort of being around friends and familiar faces because I occasionally feel guilty for not seeing my friends before I left Ghana. I will definitely meet new friends and acquaintances during my travel but that’s equally as important as maintaining established relationships.

So far what have I been doing? Well I just fined an internship at the NYC DOHMH, which was a very exciting use of my downtime as well as preparation for life as professional. I’ve also been balancing and utilizing my preparation time to encompass logistics, family, friends and personal wellbeing. It’s worked out greater than I’ve imagined. I recently had to provide my mom with my list of destinations again! as she demanded them for her prayer guide (she was serious about that). I’ve addressed most of the foreseeable logistics and left others to be figured out when the time arrives. Friends and family are as excited as I am for what’s ahead. More details?

Organized mess

Logistics: Well the packing mess from my previous “packing trails” has been sorted out pretty well. I’ve narrowed down my list of items into mainly necessities instead of wants, like no one needs a “tapered pair of jeans” while traveling through rugged terrain. Anyway, as you can see from the two pictures below I’ve come along way. I believe I have most of the space in the backpack is taken by my 12 T-shirts, 3 shirts (2 short sleeves, 1 flannel), 2 pants and 3 shorts, etc. I purposely left the duffle bag half empty because I plan on avoiding luggage fees (In your face JetBlue). My Spanish proficiency still on a survival level (ayudame por favor) but I’ve been brushing up a lot with the duolingo app. In terms of language, I think the struggle is just going to get more real as I’m going to have to learn survival levels of French, Amharic, Thai and Nepali. But I’m all up for this!

Accommodations: Took me a whole to decide between Airbnb and a hostel between. I settled on living an affordable hostel about 30 minutes from the airport since I get in late at night. I’ll be staying at Pariwana Backpackers for the first 2 weeks to explore and get acquainted to Lima before venturing to Trujillo, Huancayo or Cusco. I’ve intentionally left the accommodation aspect of this journey flexible to enable me to switch or grasp opportunities pertaining to my project as they come. I’ve also utilized my Wheaton connections to gain access to some cool Peruvians who are willing to help me out once I’m in the country.

Moving On: From this end, it seems like I’ve got it all together but from what I learned when I learned when I first arrived in NYC, its never that easy. Nevertheless, the uncertainties and discoveries ahead are primary motives for this online journal. I’m excited for my first authentic ceviche and lomo saltado. With that being said, be on the look out for more posts, as this is my last pre-departure post until I’m in Lima. Also if you need to reach me for anything, I’m on Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook, my availability might be scarce but I bet you knew that. ¡Hasta pronto!

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