Packing Fails

After a lengthy search for a spacious travel backpack, I settled on an Osprey Farppint 70. I still have no idea how to pack for a year but I’ve been taking several measures to better myself. I’ve made a list of items that are absolutely necessary. I’ve also purchased the ¬†Eagle Creek pack-it cubes to help me limit and organize my clothes.

I decided to do trials of packing to check if I can fit everything into the cubes and the backpack. I can tell you I failed miserably but definitely learned a lot. For instance. I’m kidding myself if I think I really need 2 giant hoodies and 4 pairs of jeans. That was just trial one.

For trial 2, I cut a significant number of items out of the list. This helped fit the majority of the clothes but I didn’t account any space for my shoes. Speaking of which I can’t decide whether I need a hiking shoe or not. Nevertheless I still have about 6 weeks left so I’m pretty sure I’m going to figure it out or else…